New Rookie Prosecutor in town!

Amanda Clariss, rookie prosecutor at your service.

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Hey there!


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Well, well. I see lots of familiar faces in there.

But for those who don’t know- Phoenix Wright’s the name. 

Hello Mr. Wright. Good to see you again.

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The Art of Murder


[Kristoph remained unfazed as he examined the witness. His thoughts were calm, more reflective in nature.]

Remember to relax. You’re in charge here. Don’t worry about the witness—security is here, and so am I. You’re safe.

You called up the witness, so it is your turn to extract testimony. …Relevant testimony.

[She nodded.]

Very well.

 Witness, please state your name and occupation.

[She looked back at the witness, who answered Amanda in a faint voice.]

Could you please testify to the court what you had seen? Please do not leave any detail out. None.

[The witness could easily hide details, especially this man. He was too close to the happenings of that day. The man started speaking. He had gathered strength by now enough confidence to speak up. So far, all was fine.

The judge allowed the defense to cross examine the witness. This was the tricky part. She could not let him take this important witness down. The man explained again what he had sighted. The defense glared him, not impressed. What could he possibly find wrong on this testimony? That’s what Amanda thought until he spoke again.]

Witness, how sure can we be your testimony is not a Lie? 

"Wh-what do you mean sir…." [The witness started again to get uncomfortable.]

The prosecution has not yet shown any definite evidence that my client is guilty. Aparently three people were sighted that night around the body. Any of the three, not only my client can be guilty! Also what is the motive? Without motive I will refuse to accept a guilty verdict!

[The rookie could not keep up. The defense was going too fast. She did not know any longer how to answer.]

I…didn’t think further about that, Mr. Gavin….

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Anonymous asked: Oh? *Looks at the rattlesnake again* Ah, his poison glands were removed. I wouldn't think of picking him up if he still had them.


This I would gladly appreciate if you could take the snake out of this office.

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Anonymous asked: YIKES! Sorry! *Picks up the rattlesnake and runs off*

I-I sure do hope you are! Rattlesnakes are dangerous anon, I fear even asking what are you doing one!

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The Art of Murder


You’re doing just fine, Amanda. Try and relax a little.

[He calmed down a bit himself, thinking things over. There were still details he didn’t understand, but he would wait until later to address those.

For now he just listened to what others had to say. He was more of a spectator at this point, anyway.]

[She closed her eyes and nodded. The attorney was trying to get out more information about the crime, although the detective had given a very detailed account already. The judge’s gavel hit the table, making Amanda jump for a second.]

"That is enough. Now is that it, or are there anymore questions to be answered by the detective?"

No, your honor. I’d like to question my first witness, who claimed to have sighted the murder. 

"Very well. Detective, thank you for your time, you may retreat."

[The detective left the podium silently, letting the witness take the stand. He looked rather nervous, most likely this was the first time for him in court. The man gazed at Amanda with his terrified stare.]

H-he’s looking at me….He looks really unstable….S-s-hould I be saying something to him, Mr. Gavin….?

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